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Hi, I’m Blakelea! I’m a Central Arkansas native but have called home to NWA since 2013. I’ve been married to my husband, Stephen, since 2014. Mom to two very energetic kids, Ellery (6) & Adler (4).
I quit my day job as a Respiratory Therapist in 2017 to become a stay at home mom. Having two young kids I found I needed an outlet, so turned to fitness. It was “me time”. As an active person before kids, I found it more difficult to bounce back..As most mom’s can agree. Most of my workout were done at home but I bounced around to a few places but never felt at home until Full Out Barre. From the first class I was hooked.

As an instructor, I want other women to feel the same welcoming atmosphere I did. Empowering women to feel confident in themselves and their bodies at every stage we go through!

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jessica delay, lead Instructor


Originally from Memphis, TN, I moved to Bentonville from Southwest Michigan in 2016 with my husband, Josh, and 2 older boys, Jack (12) and Nolan (10).  In 2017 we welcomed our only native Arkansas baby, Winston (6).  We absolutely love it here and can’t imagine ever leaving.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a business degree and started down the corporate career path.  A couple years later, I traded in that career and tried my hand at small business ownership with a furniture and gifts boutique.  When my husband’s career path moved us to Michigan, I sold the store and became a stay-at-home mom as we started having our kiddos.

Being active has always been a huge part of my life. As an avid runner, I first found the benefits of cross training with group classes in 2011 after the birth of our first son.  I have tried them all over the years and FOB is by far the best workout/atmosphere/therapy session that I have ever been a part of.  I am so excited to be a part of the FOB family.


Elizabeth ganey, Instructor


Elizabeth all things FOB and is ready to bring the energy.  She is up for anything but what she loves the most is supporting and loving on people.  Her booty rivals JLo and Kim K.


katherine thorpe, Instructor

Hi! I'm Katherine Thorpe, yes, there are two of us!  I was first introduced to Full Out Barre by, you guessed it, my sister-in-love, Catherine. I saw it come to fruition nearly first-hand and when it opened in NWA, I was more than elated to join as a founding member!  

I've always found a way to move my body whether it be swimming laps as a lifeguard during college, on the tennis courts as a newly wed, running in my neighborhood or through YouTube videos during Covid.  When I'm not Full Out Barre-ing you will find me spending time with my husband, taking care of my household and 4 busy kids in our Bentonville community! 

What I love about Full Out Barre is how fitness and fun truly come together as one.  You will not find a more inclusive, comprehensive, safe or enjoyable workout and community than Full Out Barre.  Live Full Out with us!

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ellyn piatt, Instructor


I attended the University Of Central Arkansas studying Nutrition. With a background in competitive dance, Dietetics seemed to be the perfect fit for my active self. Post graduation, I honestly didn't love the hospital life. I wanted to help others prevent toxic lifestyles in a different environment. I had seen and struggled myself with Orthorexia throughout my early 20's and realized it's best to take on a health journey with a support family instead of alone. Finding the Full Of Barre community really changed the meaning of "being skinny" for me. Why be small, when you can be a bigger version of yourself? Being a FOB instructor gives me the opportunity to share my passion for wellness to those who are ready to show up for themselves.

I love experiencing new ways to move my body and expand my mind. Movie, trip guides, and book recommendations are always welcome! Since leaving the medical world, I have had many jobs/skills added to my resume. Each adding on like super powers. Now a full-time merchant, I spend all my free time jumping into travel, hobbies and new experiences. My volleyball loving boyfriend, Reid, and I now call home NWA. He's the head volleyball coach for Springdale High and travels as a beach volleyball player; which takes us all over the US. We live with our two dogs, Lincoln Ross and Michelle Monica, who are along for the ride. I look forward to being a cheerleader to the growing FOB crew and encouraging the dancer heart in everyone who walks through the studio doors.



Hey!  I’m Kristen, wife to Barry and mama to 2 grown kids, Emily and Jake. 
Fitness has always been an important part of my life,from playing football with my brothers in the backyard to competitive swimming. And pretty much everything in between!
I graduated from the U of A with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. Maybe someday I will combine my love of kiddos with my love of fitness!
Full Out Barre is so much more than just a “workout”.  It is energetic, challenging, uplifting, and most importantly, FUN!!  The community, the camaraderie, and the encouragement that comes with it is the icing on the cake!
I’m beyond thrilled that I get to fuse my love of music, movement, and encouraging others in such a safe and positive environment!
I feel honored to be a part of this amazing tribe!!




Hi y’all! I’m Claudette!! Wife to Daniel and momma to Olivia (4) and Isabelle (2). I grew up in Bentonville and attended the University of Arkansas where I met my hubby! We have been married since 2014! 

Through college, and thereafter, I worked in the hospitality industry managing hotels, then a senior living dining facility. After that moved to become the Director of Dining at the Athletic Dining Facility, at the University of Arkansas, where I had a team of incredible employees who fed 19 different sports; which included about 500 athletes, plus coaches, and staff daily. 

Once the pandemic struck I stayed home with my, then 10 month old, daughter. After being home since March 2020, we have since had another daughter, I have joined the Fellowship KDO team, and now teach children two days a week while continuing to stay home with my girls! 

As far as fitness goes, I have always had a passion for running, working out, anything fitness related for all of my life! Growing up with three brothers, one being my twin, we always stayed active in any way possible! I also love spending time with family and friends, traveling, watching and talking anything sports related-especially the Razorbacks! Woopig! 

When the pandemic occurred I continued my fitness journey with home workouts and running around the neighborhood or on the treadmill, which was perfect at the time, but earlier this year I felt myself seeking an in person fitness community. In the short time that I’ve been at Full Out Barre, I have felt more comfortable, confident, and at home! It was an instant love! I feel like I’ve met my people and cannot wait to continue this journey to encourage and inspire others to find their passion within FOB! 



I began my journey in group fitness in 2014 after the birth of my first daughter. I was struggling as a new mom, and looking for a place to belong. Fast forward ten years, I’ve amassed 7 years of teaching experience. I love leading people in fitness and empowering people to discover the strength of their bodies, but more importantly, their minds. I'm passionate about the beauty of movement and the mind-body connection. Most of the time movement makes us feel strong and powerful. But it can humble us, remind us we're not perfect and that it's ok to feel weak sometimes…what matters most is showing up for ourselves every day. Being in a room full of other athletes (I believe we are ALL athletes) taps into the human experience of hard work and effort, inspiration, pain, joy, accomplishment … The full human experience can be felt within the four walls of a fitness studio and that’s what keeps me coming back no matter life’s season.  I'm THRILLED to be behind a mic again at FOB.  

Amanda is a California transplant who moved to Northwest Arkansas with her husband and three kids a year and a half ago. Since then they have added one more kiddo to their crew. 




In 2022 my husband and I, along with our 3 boys, set out to find a better life for our family. One where we had space, freedoms, and where our boys could do what boys do. We moved to NWA from SoCal and have never looked back. These past few years have been nothing short of amazing. My husband and boys spend all of their time on our amazing trails and have made great friends. I have been so lucky to make wonderful friends who have welcomed me wholeheartedly. They introduced me to Full Out Barre and I instantly fell in love. The thoughtful and intentional workouts, the supportive community… all something I’ve never experienced before. I am so excited to be apart of the FOB family and to grow with everyone. 

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