What is Full Out Barre?

It’s a fun, challenging and nationally accredited fitness program based on classical ballet moves combined with high-intensity interval training. Founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, Full Out Barre is designed to challenge you at any level of fitness, whether you are a professional athlete or a complete novice. Whatever your current level of athleticism, you’ll always fit in with our Full Out Barre family.

In the Full Out Barre Classic classes, you can expect to burn 500-700 calories per hour--and the calorie burn continues for up to 24 hours! If you do Full Out Barre regularly, you will get significantly stronger, healthier, and less stressed, with a better sense of balance and visibly more defined muscles all over your body. You’ll begin to crave the classes; we hear that a lot!


Full Out Barre’s certified instructors are positive and supportive, and recognize that each of you is on your own fitness journey. Because we have students from teenagers to senior citizens, we show you how to modify each move for YOUR body’s capabilities. We love the unique energy each of you brings to class, and we consider you amazing and inspiring just for showing up.



Our high-intensity daily Full Out Barre classes are never the same twice. Each, though, is, structured to give you a maximum workout in intervals that:

  • Hone your strength, flexibility and balance;

  • Pump up your heart rate;

  • Stretch, lengthen and define your muscles;

  • Build your confidence while reducing your stress; and

  • Help you achieve that coveted post-workout high and the inner peace that comes from hard exercise.

We work the entire body each class, focusing sections on different muscle groups. We first demonstrate each move the ideal way--we want to challenge you--and then show you how to modify it for YOUR fitness level. We do NOT expect you to be able to keep up at a level 10, but you will find the workout becoming easier (while always challenging) over time. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!


Hi my fitness friend!

I have a feeling we are a lot alike and I so wish we were doing this over coffee instead of interacting on this stale white page... I'd SO rather hear about you than talk about me, so please email me your story too. For reals. It's a bit embarrassing for me to share my resume (so to speak) but, I want you to know that Full Out Barre is different, a lot in part because of my background, so here goes...


I have over 30 years of personal dance experience, including performing, choreographing, coaching and instructing for 18 of those years... Which makes me (ah hem) old! Let's say ‘seasoned’. That's much more friendly. I grew up taking dance, gymnastics and cheerleading in lovely Little Rock, AR, it was my life, but I was never a natural. It wasn't until my Ole Miss (hotty toddy!) Rebelette days when I really fell in love with dance as art and performance. (Let’s be real, wearing a short skirt without freaking out my parents was also a plus. Don’t judge me.) Anyway. Something sparked in me and I became hungry to understand it all and do it all with excellence. While others were studying, I'd move furniture around in the dorm and practice fuete turns and leaps for hours until I was exhausted or they were perfected. Like I said, not a natural, but I was determined.


Dance instructor 18 years ~ UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association) staff, trainer and judge, 4 years ~ UDA (univeral dance association) Choreographer, and Multi State judge ~ High School Nationals Coach ~ Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader.  Voted Cheerleader of the year, Most likely to Change the World, Most Positive and Highest Integrity ~ University of Mississippi dance team member and choreographer, national title, 5th place ~ Trained 4 summers at Broadway Dance Center ~ NETA group fitness certified ~ SCW Barre certified ~ Barre Above trained ~ Piloxing Barre trained ~ Joy Karley Fabulous Feet Conditioning trained ~ DMA (Dance Masters of America) Judge ~ Dr. Evan Osar, Correction for the Female Core trained

I started teaching dance and coaching cheerleading at a local studio and found out quickly this is what I LOVED and was made to do.I danced on the nationally award winning dance team and coached cheerleading with the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA). In the summers I traveled to New York City to take any and every class I could at Broadway dance center. I wanted to learn and grow...I couldn't dance and learn enough. Post college, I moved to Kansas City, where I taught dance at several incredible studios, judged competitions, became DMA (dance masters of America) certified, and coached a high school nationals team, and began doing contract choreography.

I was professional cheerleader for the KC Chiefs, where I was awarded 'most likely to change the world', 'most positive' and even 'cheerleader of the year'. My fellow teammates and coaches saw something in me that I still try and live up to every day...


The following years found me having my three beautiful babies and moving cross country to allow my awesome hubs the opportunity to train in his career, meanwhile I kept teaching, guest teaching, training, judging competitions, and choreographing. After the birth of my third little one, the barre fitness craze had begun. I took my first barre class at 3 weeks postpartum and sleep deprived...and I fell in LOVE. I was so hooked! I took every class I could take and anytime we traveled, one of the first things I googled was "barre studios".


May I also mention…it was the first time in my life I liked my arms in pictures people.


I knew in my gut I was meant to teach barre, and do it in a way that was uber effective from a real dancers perspective. I was certified and started a journey of adding all those years of determination, dance training and passion for coaching and teaching into a full out class. Woot woot! Love at first battemant yall. So, Full Out Barre was born. It combines all the best about true, ballet barre, cardio work AND high intensity interval training. I have spent HOURS (the hubs can attest) to research and structuring classes, (ah hem, at least an hour per class on average, redic but super beneficial).

Fitness friend. It's my desire for you to leave training feeling super equipped to full out rock a barre class... through well informed ballet knowledge; in your ability to motivate, serve and inspire your peeps; and able to structure and execute a safe and killer class.


Can’t Wait to Barre with YOU!!


Catherine Thorpe


Little Rock

1521 Merrill Dr,

Little Rock, AR 72211




22095 I-30 Frontage Rd #808,

Bryant, AR 72022


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