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What is Full Out Barre?

It’s a fun, challenging and nationally accredited fitness program based on classical ballet moves combined with high-intensity interval training. Founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, Full Out Barre is designed to challenge you at any level of fitness, whether you are a professional athlete or a complete novice. Whatever your current level of athleticism, you’ll always fit in with our Full Out Barre family.


In the Full Out Barre Classic classes, you can expect to burn 500-700 calories per hour--and the calorie burn continues for up to 24 hours! If you do Full Out Barre regularly, you will get significantly stronger, healthier, and less stressed, with a better sense of balance and visibly more defined muscles all over your body. You’ll begin to crave the classes; we hear that a lot!


Full Out Barre’s certified instructors are positive and supportive, and recognize that each of you is on your own fitness journey. Because we have students from teenagers to senior citizens, we show you how to modify each move for YOUR body’s capabilities. We love the unique energy each of you brings to class, and we consider you amazing and inspiring just for showing up.


Our high-intensity daily Full Out Barre classes are never the same twice. Each, though, is, structured to give you a maximum workout in intervals that:

  • Hone your strength, flexibility and balance;

  • Pump up your heart rate;

  • Stretch, lengthen and define your muscles;

  • Build your confidence while reducing your stress; and

  • Help you achieve that coveted post-workout high and the inner peace that comes from hard exercise.

We work the entire body each class, focusing sections on different muscle groups. We first demonstrate each move the ideal way--we want to challenge you--and then show you how to modify it for YOUR fitness level. We do NOT expect you to be able to keep up at a level 10, but you will find the workout becoming easier (while always challenging) over time. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

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