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How many times a week should I take class?

It is completely up to you and your goals! Whether you only have time for one class a week or one class a day—we welcome you to come join the fun. Although we recommend the Free Week Trial for new clients to make the most out of the opportunity to get to know our classes and team, we also offer single classes and specials for memberships (our best deal!). There are classes at varying times of day throughout the week, allowing you to make the most out of any time of time you may need.


Our classes are designed to give you just what you’re looking for- perhaps a workout that will make you sweat while leaving you inspired, challenged and motivated. To keep progressing and improving your health and wellness it is recommended to take class at least once a week.


Our goal is to make sure you’re meeting your goals and guided by our amazing instructors.


How can I cross train (aka enjoy more than one exercise modality) with Full Out Barre classes?

We offer a variety of classes to choose from so you will never get bored- you don’t need a gym membership with the mix of strengthening, sculpting, mind and body focused classes and offerings we provide! 


If cross training is your goal, one option is to try to mix classes- alternating or even doubling up if needed. Our classes are both challenging and relaxing enough to allow you to enjoy the training environment of your dreams!


Another option to cross train is to make the most of taking classes when you can and mixing FOB classes with other exercise modalities. Taking as little as one class a week, or one or two classes a month can make a difference in boosting your health and wellness goals! The key is to find consistency in the cadence that works for you so you have the ability to stick with a routine that can help you reach and maintain your goals. We’re here to be the team and community to encourage you!


What makes Full Out Barre different?

We’ve made it our mission to take the dread out of working out and fitness classes. We make classes enjoyable so time flies and you enjoy a mind and body benefit- no matter what class you take. A Full Out Barre class is meant to be an immersive experience with fun lighting and great music— we want to keep you from ever having a boring workout! 


Will I fit in at Full Out Barre? What should I expect in attending classes and potentially joining your community?!  

You will most definitely fit in at Full Out Barre. Whether you’re just curious about barre, a fitness fanatic, or anything in between, Full Out Barre has classes specifically geared for you


We welcome everyone with a desire to try barre, go deeper in your exercise journey or even if you’re just looking for a good sweat! There is no need to be nervous for your first class. Here, we hope you will find a ‘fit’ family environment! Full Out Barre is geared for all fitness levels and our instructors will help tailor the class to your capabilities. We want everyone to get the most efficient, enjoyable workout possible. Our community is a judge-free zone and welcomes everyone to experience their best class ever!


How can I boost my immunity by taking FOB classes and exercising in general?

Building a healthy immune system is a vital element to fighting off illness of many sorts—which is especially important now more than ever. While there are several components that affect your immunity, exercise is considered by most in the medical field to play a large role. 


Fun Fact: Consistent  exercise is one of the major contributing factors that can lead to a rejuvenation of the immune system later in life. This has been proven in many studies and in the feedback we receive from our members and regular attenders.


You can boost your immunity by staying consistent with your exercise regime. We offer different types of classes throughout the day that are convenient with your schedule. We practice what we preach- our classes a great way to boost your immunity and reduce stress!


In this time where having improved immunity is a must have, boosting the immune system to fight off viruses and infections seems to be one individual action you can take action on and enjoy!  


Should I be focusing on exercise that’s cardio, strengthening, or both?

Incorporating both cardio and strengthening into your workouts makes for a well-rounded, healthy exercise regimen. Cardio improves heart health and burns more calories, while weighted/bodyweight exercise boosts your metabolism, builds muscle, and reduces your risk of injury.


Our classes are custom created to decrease stress, relieve anxiety, improve heart health, boost your immunity, build strength, and so much more. It is important to include variety in your exercise, our HIIT style barre classes are a great place to start.


It is recommended that you choose a balance of both cardio and strengthening exercises for a variety of reasons. Our unique method allows you to burn more calories and build long, lean  muscle in every single FOB class- really!

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