Catherine Thorpe, Founder/Owner


Wife, Mom of three, 18 years of dance instructing and pro-cheerleading primed Catherine to create Full Out Barre.


Dance instructor 18 years ~ UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association) staff, trainer and judge, 4 years ~ UDA (univeral dance association) Choreographer, and Multi State judge ~ High School Nationals Coach ~ Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader.  Voted Cheerleader of the year, Most likely to Change the World, Most Positive and Highest Integrity ~ University of Mississippi dance team member and choreographer, national title, 5th place ~ Trained 4 summers at Broadway Dance Center ~ NETA group fitness certified ~ SCW Barre certified ~ Barre Above trained ~ Piloxing Barre trained ~ Joy Karley Fabulous Feet Conditioning trained ~ DMA (Dance Masters of America) Judge ~ Dr. Evan Osar, Correction for the Female Core trained.

Ashley Trover, Instructor


I am wife to Michael, and mom to three precious children: Mary Grace (7), Henry (5), and Hudson (3). I have been staying home with my kids since I had my first in 2010. My husband and I enjoy outdoor activities together such as running and cycling, and we also enjoy creating healthy food together in the kitchen. Motherhood has been the most incredibly rich, challenging, messy, beautiful, life-changing, and fulfilling job I have ever had, but mama needed an outlet. I found that in group exercise classes. I love FOB because  it makes me stronger and keeps me healthy, but I keep coming back for the community. Standing alongside other strong people and cheering each other on to keep going and get in just one more burpee has filled me up in a way I wasn't expecting. I am so excited to join this incredible team and be a part of sharing the experience, strength, and joy that I have been privileged to enjoy.

Mitzi Tiffee, Instructor


Mitzi is a fitness fanatic, commercial real estate investor and mother of 2.  She fell in love with FOB 2 years ago and has been hooked ever since. Mitzi is the BEST and gets us through early mornings with energy, fun music and lots of love!!

Emily McEndoe, Instructor


I've been teaching dance and training pre professionally in ballet for years.

I have 7 siblings (4 are adopted and 4 are biological) and two amazing parents.) I love dance and hiking and climbing. I love challenges!


​I love FOB because it is so challenging but also SO fun! I have taken so many workout classes as well as took Pilates classes online for 3 years. I have always loved Pilates but have always struggled with cardio. FOB combines both movements and makes it fun and enjoyable. I want to teach FOB because I believe everyone should enjoy working out. Working out shouldn't be a burden or something that you are dreading to do. Working out should be something that is the highlight of your day, something you love. I want to help provide an opportunity for people to love working out the way I do. I want to help people learn to love themselves and love who God made them to be.

Chloe McLoed, RN, instructor


I am an Arkansas native with a passion for people! I have grown up playing various sports but always aspired to be a dancer. Through my love for fitness I found Full Out Barre and watched it transform my body! I fell in love with the community of Full Out Barre and knew I wanted to be a part of inspiring others to be their full out best!


I have a bachelors of science in nursing and practice as a registered nurse in Labor & Delivery at Baptist Hospital LR where I get to coach and encourage women through childbirth! 


Both jobs allow me to work with women from various backgrounds and help them realize how powerful they are and what their bodies are capable of. I love helping people set goals for themselves, rejoicing with them in their victories and encouraging them through the process! There is truly something powerful about women empowering other women and that’s what I’m here to do! So, please come Full Out Barre with me :)

Jessica Hathcock, Instructor

and Staff Manager


Hi friends! I have to be honest, talking about myself is not my strength. You might not believe it after you meet me but I used to be extremely shy. As long as I can remember I have always been the quiet one in the group, at least until now… haha.

I grew up here in Little Rock and started breaking out of my shell when I took my first cheerleading and tumbling class. I was instantly hooked and continued to cheer competitively and for school for almost 8 years. Cheer was life. I loved everything about the community, camaraderie, learning what it was like to be apart of a team and work together for a greater purpose. Cheerleading instilled so many valuable life lessons for me growing up. I’m incredibly thankful for the experience.


I started studying nutrition at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). Let’s be honest, I realized after high school that maintaining my metabolism and physical activity was a lot harder when you are not going to a two hour cheer practice everyday. I started focusing on understanding the importance of the relationship between nutrition and fitness. I became super intrigued about how the body worked and it was amazing to see what all we are really capable of. Really though, the human body is literally amazing. I went on to study integrative holistic nutrition after college where I experimented with many different kinds of food lifestyles and how much our mind-body connection and personal relationships can affect our overall health. Finding a overall balance in life and health is what I hope I can help others find for themselves.


Full Out Barre has been one of the biggest blessings. I remember the first time I took Catherine’s class, I was instantly hooked. I had never taken barre before and had little experience with ballet and dance but I knew I had to get in on this amazing community of people. The moment you walk into FOB you will feel it, the love, the passion, the energy, it draws you in like big hug. I have made lifelong friends with FOB and I can’t wait to meet you too!


See you at the barre!

Melanie Smith, Instructor


I was born and raised in beautiful South Africa but always had an itch to see the world and broaden my horizons.  After high school I traveled to the US and met my husband while living in San Francisco. The only thing I have been completely certain of my whole life was that I wanted to be a mom!  I now have a 21 year stepson, 11 year old twins and an 8 year old. I absolutely LOVE being a mom. I think it is the most rewarding and sometimes challenging thing I could ever do, and my number one goal in life is to raise kind, empathetic, generous and happy human beings.   Actively pursuing health and fitness has always been a part of my life. I am a certified Health and Life coach. I LOVE to cook healthy meals and to inspire others to do so. I'm a runner at heart; I started taking FOB classes to strengthen and add lean muscle for speed in running.   I experienced all those benefits from FOB but also found so much more. FOB is a community of loving and supportive women (and sometimes bros) who raise each other up. For me, FOB is and intense and challenging work out, but more than that, it is place where I feed my soul and I feel safe to be me.  I hope that you find the same support and community in this wonderful place!

Paula Toney, Instructor


I grew up in Southern California loving gymnastics, ballet, Jazz, cheerleading, bodysurfing and skiing, over about an 18 year period. My husband JT and I, married 30 years, began raising our three amazing children (I became a pretty avid runner with a running stroller). Running has included full and half marathons. I  really enjoy teaching and have homeschooled in the past and now teach Literature at a co-op. I love Jesus, my family, friends and fitness! My passion is for overall health physically, spiritually and relationally.

Amy McKinney, Instructor


Bio coming soon!

Kimberly Corbett, Lt. Colonel, US Army, Instructor


I grew up in Connecticut taking dance classes, cheerleading, and playing softball. I attended the University of Connecticut to major in Slavic & East European Studies. After graduating from college, I joined the United States Army to serve as a Military Intelligence officer. I wanted to be a spy. I know it sounds funny today but that was at the end of the Cold War (yes I’m old). I initially planned to serve about six years but I fell in love with the military and retired 23 years later. I served in the states and all over the world in places like Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.


I met my husband, a southern boy from Arkansas, while serving in Heidelberg, Germany. He retired after 26 years and, after my retirement, we moved to Sherwood to be close to his family and put down roots after all those years. Being physically fit is part of military life, and we achieved it as a team through organized physical training. So I love to work out as a group and help one another achieve their fitness goals. Back in 1999, I joined the spinning craze and got certified as an instructor. I would teach spinning classes on military bases and in the communities where I lived. 


Retiring was harder than I had anticipated. I had lost my sense of identity - the military is not just a career, it’s a way of life. I also lost that sense of community. Then I found Full Out Barre. This is an extraordinary group of mostly women, a drastic difference from serving in a majority male profession. Full Out Barre is full of women who are so welcoming, real, and non-judgmental. Not to mention it’s an amazing workout. I’ve done some incredible workouts over the years, but my body has toned in places I never thought possible. I feel so strong and powerful and ready to serve the Full Out Barre tribe.

Natalie Freeman, RD, Instructor


I’m Natalie. I taught aerobics all through college and grad school, but gave it up when I started my career as a critical care dietitian. I did this for 5 years before having my first daughter and beginning my life as mommy. Three kids later, and YEARS of focusing on everyone else and I realized I had lost me. I didn’t do anything to take care of myself. I had tried to go to the gym here and there but I never committed. I felt awful about myself and beat myself up for not looking like I used to (ahem..three kids and 15 years will do it). And I just wanted to feel good again. To be honest, barre terrified me. But I finally gave it a try. After the first day, I was hooked. Don’t get me wrong, my body was screaming, but I kept coming. Everyday. I fell in love with the upbeat feel of it, the challenge, and the dance bent (I danced as a kid). What I didn’t expect was the mental transformation that was taking place. It’s about strong not skinny...if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you...not to mention the community and friendships it’s created. I knew I needed to jump in and become a part of the movement. It’s made me better and I want to be a small part of giving that gift to others.

Erica Ibsen, Instructor


Bio coming soon!

Laura Keane, RD, Instructor


My name is Laura Keane, and I am a wife to my husband, Cooper, and mother to two sweet kiddos. Six years ago, shortly after my son was born, I transitioned away from working full time as a registered dietitian to working full time at home. While I’ve always had an appreciation for food and overall health, I found it challenging to incorporate exercise into my daily routine after having kids. I was intimidated to take the first step with my new body, and I was not comfortable walking into a gym with people I did not know or with equipment I did not know the first thing about.  The first time I walked into Full Out Barre I knew this was a place I could belong. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging, plus the workout was fun and effective! Now I look forward to coming to Full Out Barre because I know I’m helping my body with the workout, and my spirit with the relationships that I have built here. I am so honored to join the Full Out Barre Team, and I hope to give back at least a part of what it has given to me.

Jenny Kelly, MD, Instructor


My first love was dance.  And soon I also fell for its punched up cousin, cheerleading.  I found joy inside these activities—both in practicing and in performing.  But it wasn’t until I discovered running that I was able to abandon concerns about what my body looked like and focus on what it could achieve in a specific moment.  Power, not pointed toes. Being strong, not slim.  


As years have passed, I’ve searched for activities to compliment my running in an effort to prevent injury and burnout and stumbled upon FOB thinking it was “a regular barre class.”  But I found the intensity was invigorating. The intentionality of the workout structure was reassuring. And just like a walk through your childhood home, the integration of dance-my first love-was inspiring.  


Since incorporating FOB into my weekly routine, I feel stronger and have managed to avoid any significant injuries.  FOB has helped me identify and strengthen areas that larger muscle groups may compensate for during other exercise routines.   


FOB is built on sound principles of exercise and metabolism.  Students are encouraged to challenge themselves while respecting their bodies and their boundaries.  As an instructor, I look forward to supporting our students’ progress by encouraging safe form, intentional progression of skills and an encouraging environment.


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