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The class that started it ALL... BURN 500-700 Calories in an hour with our classic FOB class.  A mix of ballet inspired high intensity intervals and medium intensity intervals for toning and balance. You will sweat, burn and have a blast doing it with the best tribe ever. No Class is EVER the same, each time you walk out of our doors, we want you to feel stronger because you ARE stronger.  You got this!


Learn the basics of FOB while getting an AWESOME toning workout!  Perfect your form and learn how to modify in FOB where needed so you get the MOST out of FOB while staying safe and honoring your body.

Self Care

You take care of SO much, take care of YOU with our MUCH requested Full Out Self Care class.  Full Out Self Care is a 30 minute deep stretch and foot care class, we can already hear you saying ahhhhhhh.....


This is a 30 minute, get it done, and get on with it FOB class!  Don't let 30 minutes fool you, it’s worth so much more than that... you will continue to burn calories for 24-36 hours after class!


FOB HOT is a heated Full Out Barre class that is the low impact, flowing muscle burn sister of our flagship FOB class format.  Set to candlelight and loud, flowing hip hop, your muscles will shake and your spirit will be refreshed, as you sweat and FOB to deep beats of curated music.


FOB FLEX, make this class work for your schedule!!

This class follows the classic Full Out Barre workout, with the flexibility to conclude after 30 minutes, or stay for the full hour.

Get in. Kill it. Get out when you need to!

Hip Hop

This is the most fun way to FOB and torch calories while you shake it to upbeat music and easily learnable routines.

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