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Exercise & Stress Relief

Exercise is great for all-around physical health, and now more than ever people are also exercising to access its amazing stress-relief benefits. Most of us have heard of a ‘runners high’, but that feeling of euphoria can come from almost any physical activity that raises the heart rate. Physical activity helps bump up the production of your brain's feel-good

neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

It's a break for your mind to rest. During a FOB virtual class, a run, or a walk chatting on the phone with your friend, your mind is on the movements in front of you, leaving a quiet space for your mind to let go of the worries of the day.

As any regular fitness goer will tell you, you may find that the focus you find during a class will transfer to other daily activities, leaving your mind with more discipline to shut off worries other times during the day.

Regular exercise can just straight up put you in a better mood. Most see an increase in self-confidence, sounder sleep, and experience lower the symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety.

More than ever, we are all searching for a connection.  Try a virtual class at Full Out Barre, or somewhere else!  You will be shocked at how much it lifts your mood to be encouraged by name, and that you are sweating along with everyone else, even if divided by miles.


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