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Estefanie Perez

“Exactly 12 weeks ago, I signed up for my first Full Out Barre class. I remember walking into the studio at 5:30 a.m. on a Friday. It was still, dark, and quiet outside. Inside, upbeat music was playing and friendly faces greeted me with a smile and helped me get everything I needed for the class. The instructor even knew my name before I introduced myself.  For one hour, I was physically pushed to give it my all and challenged not to give up. For just one hour, it was all about me. 

“Honor Your Body” 

“You Can Do It” 

“You Are Stronger Than You Think” 

“You Should Feel So Proud Of Yourself” 

“Give Yourself Some Grace” 

These words were spoken loud, clear, and honestly. They encouraged me to go for those extra 10 seconds when I was ready to give up. They washed away every ounce of fear and lack of confidence I had brought with me.

I’m not going to lie, at the end of the class I was exhausted but I had a new level of energy and joy to take on the rest of the day. I felt accomplished! Since then, I’ve been coming to FOB almost every day either at 5:30 in the morning or after work. The classes are still challenging but I love the feeling of conquering a move I thought was impossible before. 

If I’m feeling stressed, tired or weighed down, a class never fails to make me feel better and for one hour, leave it all behind.

I started working out for good reasons - be healthier, get stronger and to look and feel my best. But now, I do it for all the right reasons - to feel more confident, to take care of myself, to be around an amazing group of people who want to see me succeed and strive to lift me up and to feel empowered exactly as I am. 

Every day I get stronger, I feel more comfortable and confident, I have more energy and just overall happier. My body has physically changed and my soul has also been touched by the love and acceptance that every instructor and staff have shown me. 

Today, I completed a 90-minute long class (biggest achievement, yet). I guess I am stronger than I thought after all!”

Catherine - Thank you for creating a wonderful place and for using your passion and gift to love and help others.

Estefanie Perez


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