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Practicing Presence

I talk about mindfulness, living intentionally, and boundaries. Yet a few moments later, I rush through my day, worry about tomorrow, and regret yesterday. Social media reminds me of what I lack, self help folks tell me what I need to change, and the device on my wrist drains my energy with each ding, beep, and bloop.

However, when I feel the studio floor beneath my bare feet, feel the sweat trace down my flushed neck, feel the smoothness of the barre against my palms - I know I have permission to drop all of it

and just be here.

I am present in this space, in this moment, with these people. Everything else falls away.

Being an instructor for Full Out Barre has given me an opportunity to engage in the practice of presence - and it has been life-giving.

Spending an hour in a space with people I can focus on being with, engaging with, and working with has given me freedom to forget what is going on outside the door of the studio. I am not worried about tomorrow or regretting yesterday, I am simply in this moment. I am attentive to the bodies in the space, their form, their movement, their beauty. I am aware of the energy in the room, the pulse of the music, the rise and fall of my chest changing between intervals, the challenge. All of my attention is here. All of my energy is now.

Full Out Barre has helped me practice presence by giving me an opportunity to be present with the people in the same space as me as we focus on our movement and breathing. Sounds simple but it is a rare and beautiful thing. Each workout is a small retreat that helps me reset my mind and heart to be present throughout the rest of my day and the impact on my mental health is big.

As an instructor for Full Out Barre it is my hope you find the same small retreat every time you enter the space we create for you. We know that these moments will contribute to all aspects of your health and empower you to live your full out best life.




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